Discovery Channel Shoot: Gold Fever

Recently, I got asked to shoot interviews for an upcoming Discovery Channel docu-drama series about the 1949 gold rush.

I worked with the production coordinator to hire a crew in Portland, Oregon and creat a look that will blend well with the show’s dramatic wild-west recreations (which were shot on Alexa).

We shot the interviews with the Sony F3 and Sony’s cinema prime lenses and lit the scene with a combination of Kino Flo Diva lights and Arri tungsten lights.


  • Mr. Smithers

    Great series, but what’s with the sound editing?

    At times, the background music gets louder, and the narrator gets softer, to the extent that can’t hear over the music. Then back to normal.

    Never had this problem before with other DC shows.

    Really detracts from the show and storyline.