In Production: IMAX Feature on BC’s Great Bear Rainforest


Andy Maser is currently in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest shooting an IMAX feature film. The team will be working on and off for the next year to capture an immersive view of this remote and unique ecosystem—they’re be shooting from the air with drones and helicopters, on land using traditional natural history techniques, from boats and underwater. The subjects range from spirit bears to wolves, salmon, whales, sea lions and birds. Since the Great Bear Rainforest is so remote, the entire production is happening from live-aboard boats.


This will be one of the first IMAX films shot primarily on digital cameras. Most of the film will be shot on the RED Weapon 8K cameras and the Arri 65. The small form factor of the RED Weapon camera system will allow the team a revolutionary level of flexibility for the IMAX medium, allowing them to bring a new look to the giant screen. Advances in drone and remote camera control technology open up entirely new filming techniques for IMAX.


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  • Tlakwagila Copperman

    As one born Heiltsuk, Haida, and, Tsimshian, I am excited about this revelation of the Great Bear Rain Forest. If you think I can help with narration I volunteer my services and artwork.

    • Andy Maser

      Hi Roy,
      I’ll pass your information along to my superiors! Thanks a lot for taking the time to reach out.
      Your part of the world is really special and I feel very fortunate that I get to spend time exploring and learning. I’m also saddened to hear about the tug boat that just sank and is causing all kinds of environmental problems. Your place is too important and special to mess up with such carelessness!