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Intel recently hired Maser Films to shoot a product launch video for a new notebook computer, set to be released later this year. We used the RED Epic as our primary camera, recording RAW files to RED media and ProRes proxy files with a Sound Devices Pix240.  Supporting shots were made with a Canon 5D… Read more »

Recently, the Cadbury cocoa company hired me through Creative Artists Agency for a commercial shoot in Ghana, West Africa. The campaign is called “Cocoa Life” and designed to tell the stories of where our cocoa comes from.  We shot the series of short films on the RED Scarlet–hard work in the intense heat but well… Read more »

This week, I got tapped by Studio3, a Portland/Seattle based production studio, to shoot a series of commercial spots for a Sugar Wheel Works.  Sugar blends technical precision with Portland bike culture soul to create high-end, custom hand built bicycle wheels for customers around the world.  Our goal was to capture Sugar owner Jude Kirstein’s… Read more »