12-Day Grand Canyon Shoot on RED Epic

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I just finished a 12-day raft-supported shoot in the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my RED Epic.

We shot lots of 5k material with the Epic and lots of timelapses with the 5D Mark III.  There were lots of challenges–from power and data management to equipment safety–but everything went off without a hitch and we came back with some incredible material!


I grew up on the river and around boats, so working in an environment like this is second nature.  Even so, this shoot presented a handful of challenges that required some creative thinking before we shoved off into the wilderness for 12 days.  Our crew developed a robust solar power system to keep camera and laptop batteries charged and keep hard drives running.  We shot approximately 4TB of data, which we backed up in the field redundantly using a RAID 1 system.  All of the camera and DIT equipment was kept 100% water and sand-free with a combination of dry boxes and bags.

The Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places on Earth, so getting a chance to both work and play on the river was a fantastic experience!