4K Film for Samsung TV Launch

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In the spring of 2015, my team collaborated with Samsung and National Geographic to create a 4K film of epic proportions.  On short notice, we sent teams to Kauai, San Francisco, Jackson Hole and the Pacific Northwest armed with Red Epic Dragon cameras to capture 4K-6K footage in an action sports POV style.  We created chest mount systems for freeride mountain bikers, flew drones in tightly wooded areas and used snowmobiles as dollies to capture gimble-stabilized moves through snowy trees.  The goal of the film was to showcase the capabilities of Samsung’s new curved 4K TV.

Our shooting teams were in their element and it shows in the quality of the footage everyone brought back.

The Director’s Cut is locked down for now, but if you drop me an email I’d be happy to pass along the password!

Huge thanks to our team leads for all of their hard work:

Andy Maser, Director + DP, Pacific Northwest

Rachel Meyer, Producer

Hayden Peters, DP, Hawaii

Skip Armstrong, DP, Editor, Hawaii

Any Bardon, DP, Jackson Hole

Matt Baker, DP, Pacific Northwest

Tahria Sheather, DP, San Francisco

Brian Dalrymple, Drone Operator, Pacific Northwest