About Us

Passion for filmmaking, mind for strategy, love of story and character, eye for great imagery, technical know-how to execute, expertise and experience to get it done anywhere on earth—always. That’s what there is to know about Maser Films. It’s what is at our core. It’s what makes us unique.

Shaped By Experience

Experience: It’s not something that you learn in film school. It takes surviving an armed ambush by Congolese rebels, getting your ass kicked in pounding waves, talking down a bear or evading a hostile military. When you’ve navigated that kind of stuff in pursuit of a story, the normal production stressors suddenly get a whole lot more manageable. And being on location gets a heck of a lot more fun for everyone.

Compelled to Create

As a go-to full service production company, Maser Films specializes in documentary, commercial and branded content films. Whether it’s a :30 spot or a feature length documentary, we always approach it from a story-forward perspective. Because telling compelling stories about fascinating characters is our passion.

And we understand that compelling characters and stories capture an audience’s attention and motivate them into action. We’ve been doing this for more than 16 years and we still get that warm fuzzy feeling when it happens. Others seem to also because we’ve won a bunch of Emmys and other awards for our work.

Our documentary background sets the stage for the entire way we operate—from the way we approach stories, to the kit we use and the way we crew up. We are filmmakers used to getting our hands dirty who never utter the words “not my job”. We prefer our crews lean, adaptable and very talented. Fast, light, efficient and motivated is how we roll.

Tools of Choice

Our tool of choice is a minimalist 8K RED Weapon camera package. It’s high resolution, shoots raw, shoots slow motion and it’s modular so we can strip it down for run & gun shooting or built it out for something fancy. It’ll go underwater, on a drone or in a backpack and always capture gorgeous images. We’ve put it through the wringer and it always delivers.

We’re experts at utilizing drones, gimbles and all sorts of other toys to craft images of the absolute highest caliber, ready for projection on the largest IMAX screens or watched on the phone in your pocket.

You can download and check out our equipment list if you want to dig in deeper.

How We Got Started

About the Founder

Maser Films was born from the rather exploring-the-edge and active life of its founder, Andy Maser. As a professional whitewater adventure-kayaker, Andy completed more than 30 first descents (many through totally ridiculous Class V rapids) on four continents, including a sadistic 65-mile stretch of river in Papua New Guinea, a tangle with the lower section of Africa’s Congo River (the world’s deepest river), and a harrowing descent of the Rio Roosevelt (also called the River of Doubt) in Brazil.

Andy first picked up a video camera at 15 years old and was immediately hooked. Throughout high school and college he was shooting, editing and distributing action sports films on VHS tape to anyone who he could convince to buy them. He got his first gig post-college with National Geographic at 23 and has since been traveling the globe capturing beautiful images and crafting memorable stories for brands and media outlets. 16 years on, Andy is a director and director of photography whose documentary films have won Emmy Awards and numerous film festival wins and commercial projects have received AdWeek mentions and Vimeo Staff Picks.

An adventurer and former pro-athlete, Andy’s pedigree of go for it and get it done runs deep through the veins of Maser Films. Andy takes pride in bringing a refined, cinematic style to all of his work and has embedded that as the central theme of Maser Films. He also continues to work independently from Maser Films as a director and director of photography: andymaser.com.

How the Magic Happens

Behind the Scenes

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