Our Services

Combining masterful cinematography, creative strategy and inspiring storytelling with well thought production, we produce rich sounding, visually stunning and compelling films that tell your best, most authentic story. Every time.

What We Do

Maser Films is a full service production company that specializes in making documentaries, commercial spots and branded content. You might catch us on a scrappy run & gun documentary project one week and a big commercial or feature film set the next. No matter the project or the shooing conditions, we always stay true to our passion for crafting authentic stories with the highest quality visuals.

Complete Production Services


Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. This step is vital to a smooth production and focused post-production effort that stays on budget, on schedule and on point. We help think through every strategic, creative and logistical detail to ensure that your project goes smoothly from production through final delivery.


This is where the magic happens and where our unique eye for good characters, compelling story and cinematic visuals come together. The right director is paired with the best cinematographer, producer, aerial cinematographer and supporting team to capture imagery that is beautiful, purposeful and true to your story. Or work is consistently strong because we know how to form efficient teams that do exceptional work and have fun doing it – anywhere on earth.


Editing is where the story really takes shape. The finesse of the right editor will help shape the piece, and the best colorists and sound engineers will help make the project look exquisite and sound profound. And we always love projects that call for visual effects, a custom score or something unique.

À La Carte Services

Filmmaking is a team sport and we’ve got some of the most talented and easiest to work with people in the game. Reach out if you just need to find a crew member to plug into your existing team.

Directors of Photography

No matter to style, the camera or the scenario, we’ve got the go-to person. From doc TV to highly conceptual commercials, remote locations to the urban jungle, visually stunning and strong images that tell good stories are the heart of our operation, and seasoned, talented DPs are what make it possible.


A good producer is worth their weight in gold. Need someone to help get your project moving in the right direction? Someone to make sure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed? Or organize a production in whichever random country? We can help with that using proven and highly organized producers who know how to wrangle the nitty gritty of productions keeping them to task, while allowing the creativity to unfold.

Drone Operators

The drone operators that we work with are FAA certified, insured and very good at what they do. They’ve launched heavy lift drones from sailboats, flown through tight, technical landscapes and managed the sometimes complex logistics of drone work, all the while captured stunning aerial footage. They’re equipped to fly anything from the DJI Phantom to a RED Weapon or Alexa Mini with a hybrid skillset that bridges technical ability, safety and cinematic eye. Check out our aerial cinematography reel to see for yourself.


The right editor can make or a break your story and your post production experience. Exceptional editors patiently sort through all of the raw material captured during the shoot and help shape it into a compelling story in a way that’s like they were part of every step of your production. Let us connect you with someone awesome.

Who We Work With

If you’re an agency, a brand, a broadcaster, an independent film producer, a nonprofit or another production company interested in doing some strong work, then we should probably chat. Reach out and let’s kick things off. We don’t bite.

National Geographic

Andy's a true filmmaker. I first met Andy when I was lucky enough to score him as a DP for several weeks of rugged filming for Nat Geo's popular "Monster Fish" series. I quickly realized though that I'd gotten much more than Andy's incredible eye and tech skills w/ the camera... his producer/director brain is always on as well, and he's so easy to get along with that we had an instant mind-meld for shaping both the images and the story together.
Drew Pulley Showrunner / EP