Production of Wild Love is Underway!

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This year, Emily Nuchols, Jenny Nichols and I launched a film project called Wild Love–a behind the scenes look into the real lives of some of the great adventurers of our time. From the Wild Love website:

“In a community that is renowned for pushing the limits, many times it’s a climbing partner, a lover or a group of friends that grounds, challenges and supports a person to take on the extreme—to push their bodies, minds and lives to the limit. But at the end of the day, it’s all about love: a wild love for adventure, love for each other and an insatiable love for living that keeps them going. And that’s the story we aim to tell.”

So throughout the next year, we’re catching up with some of our favorite folks in the outdoor community to see what makes them tick, and what their lives are like when they’re not on expeditions. We’re exploring everything from relationships (or lack there of) to dealing with loss. We kicked the project off with a trip to the Front Range of Colorado, where we caught up with Jake and Wende Norton, Renan Ozturk and his lady Amee Hinkley, and Timmy O’Neil and his girlfriend Amanda. The films will be developing over the next months, but check out these photos from our shoots so far.