Underwater Virtual Reality Film In Production

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Andy Maser shooting underwater VR in French Polynesia

I recently began a virtual reality film project with producer Tahria Sheather that tells one story of the effects of climate change on coral reefs.  The third global corral reef bleaching event in history is happening now–an indicator that climate change is having a dramatic effect on ocean temperature and, as a result, coral reef health.  We traveled to the island of Moorea in French Polynesia to meet up with a team of University of California scientists doing experiments during the event.  Their goal is to discover ways to help make reefs more resilient to the significant ocean warming that is expected as a result of climate change.

Our first shoot was before the bleaching event happened, when the scientists were setting up their experiments.  The corals around Moorea have since begun to bleach.  We’ll return in March with the researchers to survey the changed ecosystem and learn more about how reefs might be protected.

Check out the VR trailer for the project below.  Note:  VR content is not yet supported in the Safari browser.  For best results, watch in the Chrome browser or on mobile.  Increase quality to 4K for best results.