United Way 2017 Global Campaign

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Andy Maser recently directed United Way’s 2017 global PSA campaign, a creative effort to shine a more provocative light at the global humanitarian charity.  Previous brand work for United Way has generally been conservative and principally featured smiling volunteers in “United Way” t-shirts.  The 2017 campaign takes a dramatically different approach by focusing on tough problems, gritty scenes and dramatic moments.  The campaign was shot of 10 days in Miami, Milwaukee and Jackson, MS.


Explore the entire campaign here.

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This PSA campaign is made up of a :60, a :30, a :20 and 6 :15s.  There is also a print campaign that was shot by Matt Eich.

The film team shot in 8K on the RED Epic-W camera with Zeiss Otus and ZF lenses.

Director: Andy Maser, Maser Films
Producer: Rachel Meyer, Maser Films
Photo Producer: Tara Trullinger, Get It Productions
DP: Christopher Gill
Editor: Chris Thompson, Good Credit Productions
Colorist: Tyler Roth, Company 3
Sound Mix: Steve Kultgen, Independent Studios
Still Photographer: Matt Eich